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Diebold on the Fly

To the tune of Lucy in the Sky -- The Beatles Lucy in the Sky sound file
© 2005 Dennis Mansker

Picture yourself at the polls in Ohio,
A Diebold machine is at your command.
It doesn't matter you're voting for Kerry,
The votes won't be counted by hand.

Ohio's vote counter was working for Bush.
A conflict of interest you'd think.
The exit polls all said that Kerry would win,
But then it all started to stink.

Diebold's on the fly with vote fraud,
Bush is getting high on vote fraud.

In many precincts the numbers were strange.
Vote tallies didn't add up.
Bush got more votes than there were people voting,
And the Dems were just told to shut up.

No point in trying to challenge the vote,
No point in going to court.
Activist judges Scalia and Tom,
Would call it like Bush versus Gore.

Deibold's getting by with vote fraud.
Bush took all the pie with vote fraud.