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Fox News Lies

To the tune of Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greebaum) Spirit in the Sky sound file
© 2005 Dennis Mansker

When I'm bored and it gives me the blues,
Gonna go to the place with the news.
Everything they say is a lie,
That's why I wanna watch the Fox News Lies.
I'm gonna watch it all, the Fox News Lies,
For Republicans it's all blue skies,
Before I die and they lay me to rest,
I'm gonna watch their lies, they're the best.

Prepare yourself, you know it's a fact,
You're gonna see those lefties get smacked.
Wingnuts know they get a free ride,
Britt Hume will be on their side,
You know that the Fox News lies.
O'Reilly too on their side,
He knows that the Fox News lies.
That's what we're gonna watch before we die,
When we do and they put is to ground,
Bill O'Reilly will still be around.

He's never been a spinner, ain't never spinned,
He's just a great big liar.
So you know when he opens his trap,
You'll be ending up with
A big load of crap.
He's gonna feed you
A big pile of crap.
And that's why we love the Fox News Lies,
And when we're dead and we're deep underground,
The Fox News Liars will still be around.