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Night Club in Georgetown

To the tune of Tavern in the Town -- F. J Adams, 1891 Tavern in the Town sound file
© 2005 Dennis Mansker

There is a nightclub in Georgetown (in Georgetown),
That's where the Bush twins party down (party down).
We see them every night till three,
Because that's where they love to be.

Ne'er do wells, the twins keep drinking.
Just grow up, the country's thinking,
And remember that the drink and drunk must part, must part.
Boo-hoo, boo-hoo Bush twins, boo-hoo (boo-hoo),
We can no longer drink with you (with you).
Just remember that the AA group is free,
Why don't you check it out and see?

They drank in college just for fun (just for fun),
Though they were not twenty-one (twenty-one).
But though he knew it was a crime,
The judge he did not give them time.

What a scene to see them drinking,
Get a job, the country's thinking.
And remember that you should support yourselves, yourselves.
Screw you, screw you, Bush twins, screw you (screw you).
We will no longer drink with you (with you).
It seems you refuse to get yourselves some jobs,
It means the two of you are slobs.

Now they are both twenty-two (twenty-two),
No jobs and not a thing to do (thing to do).
And if you want to know the truth,
They are role models for our youth.

Slam 'em down, the twins keep drinking,
Just enlist, the country's thinking.
And revenge our soldiers dying in Iraq, Iraq.
Salute, salute Bush Twins, salute (salute).
In uniform you'll be so cute (so cute).
We'd like to see you two join your Dad's Army,
To make the Arab world be free.