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Oxy From Miami

To the tune of Okie from Muskogee -- Merle Haggard Okie from Muskogee sound file
© 2005 Dennis Mansker

We can't watch Rush Limbaugh on the tee-vee,
They took his lame-ass show off of the air.
But he's still bloviatin' on the raid-yo,
And his crap is more than normal folk can bear.

Lock up all the addicts, says the Pigboy.
Lock 'em up and throw away the key.
Me, I'm gonna do some doctor-shoppin',
'Cause laws are meant for everyone but me.

Turns out that the fat boy is a druggie,
Oxycontin is his drug of choice you see.
To score his dope he sent his maid all over,
From Palm Beach all the way to Miami.

Well, he likes to eat his oxy from Miami.
He won't take his trips on LSD.
An' a big old boil between his hairy butt cheeks
Kept him out of Uncle Sam's Army.

One day Rush went and got arrested.
Thirty days of rehab in another town.
Because he's rich he won't do time in prison,
And oxycontin's still the biggest kick around.

"Oh, I'm proud to take my oxy from Miami,
Do not let the liberals shut me down.
The Palm Beach prosecutor's got my number,
But oxycontin's still the biggest kick I've found."

Yes, he's glad he's got his oxy from Miami.
Picks him up whenever he's feelin' down.
Doesn't matter how or where you slice it,
Rush Limbaugh's still the biggest prick around.