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Tom Delay

To the tune of Barbara Ann -- The Beach Boys Barbra Ann sound file
© 2005 Dennis Mansker

Tom-Tom-Tom, Tom-Tom Delay
Tom-Tom-Tom, Tom-Tom Delay.
Oh, Tom Delay-ay-ay, that Tom Delay-ay-ay.
Ya got me weepin' and a-reelin'',
Wailin' and a-squealin', Tom Delay, Tom-Tom, Tom-Tom Delay.

I went down to Texas, lookin' for some excess,
Saw Tom Delay who was actin' kinda reckless.
Tom Delay-ay-ay, Tom-Tom Delay-ay-ay,
Whatcha say-ay-ay, oh Tom Delay-ay-ay?

The Bugman cocked his head, his hand was out for bread,
He looked me in the eye and this is what he said:

"I'm Tom Delay-ay-ay, I get my way-ay-ay.
Lobbyists on their knees, I get to fly for free,
Those pesky ethics rules, they don't apply to me.
I'm Tom Delay-ay-ay, Tom-Tom Delay-ay-ay.

Brain-dead Terri Schiavo I tried to keep alive-o.
The judge said not so fast; I said judge your ass is grass,
I'm Tom Delay-ay-ay, The Hammer Tom Delay-ay-ay.

Judicial activism, worse than communism,
Kill the judges off and welcome in fascism."
That's Tom Delay-ay-ay, Oh Tom Delay-ay-ay.

I came home at three, saw The Hammer on tv,
Tried to go to sleep and dream that I was free.
Oh Tom Delay-ay-ay, please go away-ay-ay.
Oh Tom Delay-ay-ay, no you can't stay-ay-ay.

I woke up on the rug, Tom was lurkin' like a thug.
He said you commie Democrat I'm gonna pull your plug.

Oh Tom Delay-ay-ay, I wanna go away-ay-ay.
Oh Tom Delay-ay-ay, I don't wanna stay-ay-ay.
You got me screamin' and a-dreamin',
Schemin' about leavin', Tom Delay-ay-ay, Tom-Tom Delay.