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United Nations

To the tune of Copacabana -- Barry Manilow Copacabana sound file
© 2005 Dennis Mansker

His name was Colin, he was a statesman.
Shrub thought he was great, put him in charge of State,
But those weapons of mass destruction,
Well they weren't really there, but he had to say they were,
He lied to Kofi, he lied on TV,
He closed his eyes and told the lies,
For the world to see.

At the UN, United Nations,
The lies are in constant rotation,
People are crying and Colin is lying
At the the UN -- he told a lie.

His name was Colin, he was a liar,
He told the lies so well, shot his reputation all to hell,
There were no weapons of mass destruction,
Everyone could see, no more integrity,
He lied to Congress without a review,
He's just a shill, his voice was shrill
But it was not true.

At the UN, United Nations,
The lies are for world domination,
Iraqis are dying 'cause someone was lying
At the the UN -- a big fat lie.

His name was Colin, he was a general.
He showed Saddam his fate, kicked Iraq out of Kuwait.
He had a doctrine, it was his showpiece.
But that was many years before when Bush Senior had his war.
Though he's a schmoozer he has no goal,
He's a boozer and a loser,
The Shrub took his soul.

No more UN, United Nations,
And lies for world domination.
Intrigue and dying and they knew he was lying,
At the UN -- it was a lie.
It was a lie.
All a lie.