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Warmonger's Delight

To the tune of Afternoon Delight -- Starland Vocal Band Afternoon Delight sound file
© 2005 Dennis Mansker

Gonna find Bin Laden, gonna stomp him right,
Gonna kick some Moslem ass tonight.
My motto's always been if it's Right, I'm Right.
But he's hard to find in the Afghan night.
Everything's clearer in Iraq they say,
And old Osama is always gonna be there anyway.

Fast choppers in flight, Warmonger's delight.

That Iraqi oil's workin' up my appetite,
Can't find Bin Laden but that's all right.
Goin' after Saddam 'cause he won't put up a fight,
And the thought of all that oil is getting so exciting.

Big war lies in flight, Warmonger's delight.

Don't think about Osama any more,
Saddam's my boy, gonna even the score,
Tried to kill my daddy called my mama a whore,
And he's right there in sight, be easy to score.

The Airborne's in flight, Warmonger's delight.

We know Saddam's got them WMDs
'Cause we shipped 'em ourselves when he said "please".
Gassed his own Kurds when they were on their knees,
And Rummy was the one who sold 'em to him all right.

Armageddon in sight, Warmonger's delight.